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Good day. I own a Lexus IS and has done 86K miles. Can someone kindly help me with a diagram of the shift solenoids with the famous Solenoid C clearly identified. I'm afraid it's not as simple as that. Did they tell you the code they had identified? There is a complex test procedure starting from there. Valve S3 is located on the Transmission valve body assembly which is inside the body of the transmission - you have to remove the transmission sump and various other bits and pieces to get to it.

If you send me a PM with your email address I could send you the relevant pages from the workshop manual. Might be a good idea to find out if there are any automatic transmission specialists in your area?

Indeed it is the code P As far as I can tell there isn't actually a 'shift solenoid C' - that refers to a category of operation - and depending on the results of the checking procedure the actual solenoid valve involved may be S3. Thank you very much John for your invaluable information. I managed to replace the offending solenoid and all those warning lights have disappeared. I thought it could be that the transmission fluid is contaminated so i flushed it as much as i could with the Toyota TV 4 transmission fluid but there has not been any improvement.

What could be causing this? Sorry - that's outside my experience and the manual doesn't give any clues about 'real world' symptoms - it just tells you to plug in the Intelligent tester and run a whole series of tests from there. I'd love to pick your brain, I know this thread is older, but I'm having issues with my Lexus that seems no one from around here can address.

She's sat at the lsst transmission shop for 10 days and returned with the same issues along with the same information returned to me I left with the shop that I had dropped her off with. I'm ASE Certified in several areas, just not transmissions.

I dropped the pan and used my Autel to activate the solenoids one at a time. On the rack she'll shift out and HOLD 4th gear. On the ground and driving she goes limp. I don't understand how.

My email is mikeprather gmail. Please assist if you can. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL.Now I understand the Solenoid C is the normal culprit to not being able to move from 3rd gear to 4th - however upon reading many feeds there may be a correlation between electrical issues such as loss of power from Drivers door to control all 'other' windows?

And a new battery that keeps slowly discharging??? Yes, pulling negative connection off battery solves the issue of P and car sedately changes gear almost perfectly again but then last an hour or 3 days of driving, until codes disappear when battery disconnected again!!!

It seems to me that after researching most of the forums or feedback there seems to be at least 5 different remedies but I have yet to see a definitive solution. Seriously, its been enlightening to a point I managed to speak with a a mechanic who had some experience with Lexus UK and they thought it strange that my car would sometimes have a sticky solenoid gear change - where it wouldnt move up to 3rd and that the problem was random to say the least - went a whole week without going pear shaped and then 4 times it occurs in a morning!

Pull over and undo negative battery terminal this is when VSC light comes on wait 5 minutes and off you go again When VSC light comes on following a few gear changes resulting in sticking in 2nd So, they looked at the codes - same as last time - called a mate from Lexus he comes over and puts his code machine to my car and oh! Alas No, 24 hours later having driven ks - gear change gets stuck again - revert to items 1 to 4 above. So I purchase an OEM 'C' solenoid from Japan, arrived today and considering letting lose a technician on the tranny to change this solenoid, and change tranny oil hopefully both remedies replacing oil and solenoid will do the trick, fingers and everything else crossed Interesting to read on another Lexus site someone having the same types of issue on a newly purchase GS and this guy being a lexus techy some of his feedback just slated the car and said in other words the " GS was a 'lemon' and get rid of it" - a tad bit drastic, wouldnt you say?

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I love my car, so have to get to the bottom of it While the problem with the sticky gear 2nd to 3rd is consistant in it's behaviour, the randomness of it happening is the thing that confuses me.

If I stop the car, take off both battery terminals and wait 15 minutes before replacing terminals and re starting the car - go through all the resetting of radio channels, air cond settings, and all electrics on windows, sun roof - bingo the car runs like new. Did the solenoid C fix your problem or do you think it could be something else like a SLT solenoid?

I checked every resistance of my solenoids. They all seemed within literature range or about. Techstream was able to command each solenoid. I was able to get out of 3rd if i cleared my obdii while driving full force in the road rolling in 3rd gear. Please let me know if it worked for you replaceing the solenoid c.

2006 lexus is250 shift solenoid c location

I also took my solenoid c out while i changed the other solenoids. Hit it with some electrical cleaner, Guess it didnt do anything. Sadly I sold the car. After 18 months plus, the stress of never knowing when the problem would resurface killed it for me.My IS has k miles on the clock. About a year and half ago the dealer replaced a solenoid on my transmission and added new transmission fluid to replace the lost fluid.

Since then the car has been shifting not as smoothly, I read in many places that it must have been not put with the correct amount of fluid. So took it back to the dealer and mentioned this and they agreed to look at it, they agreed it wasnt shift correctly but said it has the right amount of fluid, so they just upgraded the transmission software.

A year on from that, it has just been getting more and more jerky and this morning it kept flicking between neutral and gear while driving and jerking like crazy. There is no engine light or anything but the transmission is feeling really jerky.

I was driving and it kept going to neatral and gear back and forth for a while and felt like i was hitting a car everytime and getting whiplash.

P0761 - Shift Solenoid 'C' Performance or Stuck Off

I put it on snow mode, and it still did it for a while but then calmed down and was able to calmly drive to work. But the entire journey the N and the D light was on together. Any ideas what this can be? Can insufficient fluid cause this? I think it's very unlikely to be a problem with fluid level - that can cause jerky shifting, but not like you describe. Then managed to drive it fine in snow mode all the way to work which was about another 45minutes drive away. So called the dealers and they agreed to have a look at it later in the day.

So I left work to get to the dealer which is about an hours drive.

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Was expecting similar issues to arise or some kind of issue, but no it's as if there was no problem at all and car drove without doing this all the way to the dealer. Strange thing is that if a car was to be in gear and then a person puts it in N and the back in gear back and forth, it shouldnt jerk should it?

The technician at the dealer test drove it and couldnt replicate the issue, he drove it hard and at first he thought maybe but couldnt find any signs of slipping. While i waited they put it on the ramp and inspected and plugged in the diagnostics tools and could not find anything wrong. But I just couldnt accept that as an answer because something is definitely wrong. A jerky shift i can live with but what happened this morning scared the crap out of me.

Driving on the dual carriageway and the car is jerking and making gear switches. They've agreed to keep it overnight and do a cold test drive. But I fear they wont find any symptoms. What is the symptoms of slipping? Slipping symptoms - High stall speed. That's when a test is carried out by connecting intelligent tester, pressing hard on brake pedal and accelerating until the engine stalls.Visually inspect the related wiring harness and connectors.

Check for damaged components and look for broken, bent, pushed out, or corroded connector's pins. P Tech Notes When the a transmission solenoid is stuck off, in most cases the problem is not the electrical part of the solenoid; the problem is foreign material obstructing the mechanical function of the solenoid or the flow of the fluid through the transmission valve body.

If the transmission fluid is very dirty, it is recommend changing the transmission fluid and if possible removing the transmission pan for further diagnosis.

Excessive debris or metal particles on the transmission pan could be an indication that there is a transmission mechanical failure and that the transmission will need to be rebuilt or replaced.

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What does this mean? Cost of diagnosing the P code Labor: 1. The auto repair labor rates vary by location, your vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type.

When is the P code detected? The P code is detected when the ECM has detected a mechanical fault with the solenoid energized, valve stuck off. Gears will then be shifted to the optimum position. P More Information Need more information on how to fix the P code? Get Access to Factory Service Manuals.

Need more help? Get the P code diagnosed by a professional: Find a repair shop in your area. Related Information. P Comments Help us improve AutoCodes. Leave a comment below or tell us if the information above help you fix the code.

2006 lexus is250 shift solenoid c location

What are the symptoms on your vehicle for the P code? Have you replaced any parts? Any information is appreciated. Repair Importance Level: 3.By jifJune 1, in 90 - 00 Lexus LS Check engine light is on with a P code, "Shift Solenoid C.

P0761 LEXUS - Shift Solenoid 'C' Performance

Dealer said the trans oil looks clean, and I've changed it approx every 40K miles since I've owned the car. Its having a hard time shifting in between higher gears, and takes longer than usual to shift down when I press the gas. Would it make sense to replace the shift solenoid, or is my transmission on its way out? I am currently facing a similar dilema. My 97 is having trouble engaging into 1st gear after a day or two of unuse.

I can either replace 1st shift solenoid or the entire tranny. Now, I do not go to dealers ever because they rip you off. I got some good advice to just replace the solenoid, but my tranny has about K miles on it and it does burn fluid more than normal.

I think that if your tranny does not burn fluid, you should just take it to an independant mechanic that you trust and have him replace the solenoid. If you ask the same dealer to try to fix the solenoid, they may tell you a story that will cause you to buy a rebuilt tranny from them. There are no new transmissions or engines out there - only rebuilds. I had minor service done at the dealer and they mentioned that aside from the shift solenoid, my oil looks great for K and there seem to be no other problems with it.

Yet they were still trying to sell me a rebuild. I'll take a shot at having the shift solenoid replaced by an independent mechanic. Would I need to purchase any other parts in conjunction with the C solenoid? Also, I'm assuming the transmission has to come off the car in order for the solenoid to be replaced.

My current mileage is K. I am no expert by any means, but I am pretty sure that the transmission does not have to come off. If I remember correctly, you have to remove the pan, then the valve body and the solenoid is under that. I don't think that there will be a need for other parts, except maybe some silicone to reinstall theh pan. You owe me a beer. Last question before I have the solenoid replaced: After the pan comes off, assuming everything is fixed.

If yes how many quarts am I looking at bc I'll just head out and buy a case or so from toyota dealer. One part of my repair manual says that the valve body needs to come out to get to the solenoid 3, and the other part where they discuss P says to just drop the pan.

Anyone know what's involved? I'm "missing" some gears too. I've been searching the forums and this is the clsoest I've gotten. I apologize if this is not the right way to go about this, please let me know if you have any suggestions, I'm not sure where to start Here is my problem: I have a 98 LS,mls I've had it for a few years and put about 35, mls on it I also hear a similar rumbling noise when driving down the interstate around 60 mph but if i speed up it goes away it shifts i think.These two incidents could be completely unrelated.

But then again there is evidence of other users with similar instances. RPM will be very high. This might be called a limp or safe mode to allow the car to drive. Codes P and P After much reading. Enough to get the color to change from black to something more red. After the replacement car shifted smoother and the Torque converter code went away. But still not going out of 3 rd sometimes. Code changed to. Iv checked the resistance of each solenoid and it was within the literature value of a certain Manuel or about 0.

I thought this was ok? As the new part I got for the TCC was also 0. I also used techstream to command each solenoid to perform. In most cases I can hear a faint sound when each is activated. The only other steps outside of a new transmission would be none of which were said to be a definitive solution. I have an 06 gs Lots of research reveals pcm problems very common causing shift problems. There are many companies that rebuildsee Ebay listings. Mine starts blowing through shifts quickly when warmed up.

Ive soldered on the pcm.

2006 lexus is250 shift solenoid c location

I may send it out. It is shifting better after resoldering the trans circuitsresistors in the pcm. Still not right though. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

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P0761 - Shift Solenoid 'C' Performance or Stuck Off

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2006 lexus is250 shift solenoid c location